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Hi. I'm Holly!

Geek-girl from the start. I was using an Atari as a word processor before Apple and Microsoft brought out their first product. With my Okidata dot matrix printer, knowledge of DOS and some five-inch floppy disks, I printed all my recipes, lists, check sheets for work (restaurant) and of course, resumes. I graduated for Eastern Washington University in 2001. My Bachelor of Arts Degree is officially in "Interdisciplinary Studies."  Doesn't say much, does it? In 1990, I read a great book called "Earth" by David Brin. Among the many things this book "predicted" was "the World Wide Web complete with major news-media outlets, videos and discussion forums, and blogging. In 2000, it occurred to me that there was going to be a need for people to specialize in writing content, produce marketing materials and help businesses make their www debuts online. I designed my curriculum to target this profession. It included marketing classes, various writing classes, web design and html, and graphic design. Purely by accident, a very clever friend was telling about SEO'ing his site and now he is doing some "Local" for others and teaching them. It was not really his thing- he is an entrepreneur and has a very successful full-time business as well. He was just helping other small business owners figure "it" out. He suggested I come with him to his next meeting with a new client and I took it from there! So here I am. Back into marketing, back into the internet and helping small businesses get ahead! What impresses me most about this industry is how supportive the "experts" in the field are. I try not to ask stupid things, but when I come across something that makes me go "Whahh???" I email one or two and get support for my own reaction. I am excited to be able to utilize my marketing, internet and research skills to help grow your business!