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Local Search Optiomization "Local SEO"

The object is to get you found fast and first!  It's called "ranking in search engine results." People do not scroll through internet search result pages to "shop" listings. They go with what comes up on the first page of search results! Our objective is to get you on the first page - preferably at the top! So, what the heck is the "Local" in Local SEO?  Someone does a search for a product or service they want. They also enter the search "location" - how far they are willing to travel to obtain that product or service. Normally they will enter a city or a zip code.  So what's your target market area?   Is it Pasc, Richland, Kennewick? Tri-Cities, Lower Columbia Basin, Washington State, your zip code,? These folks may be residents here or may be coming for a visit from outside the area.

What I Do

1. Perform a Competitive Analysis and research to identify the best keywords to utilize. 2. Create a keyword-rich description of your business to be used throughout the internet (one long, one short). 3. Create and optimize your Google+Local Page (Google is the mother of all search engines and currently has the most clout of search engines.). 4. Register with and create and/or edit free listings on at least twenty prominent directories (claim all listings) & maps. 5. Research your industry's relative sites and find places to list within the industry, complementary industries, and sites your clients / customers use to find information about you and your industry. 6. Help you get reviews from your clients or customers by providing easy-to-use instructions and suggesting review sites. 7. If you have a web presence, I will audit your web site or web page for SEO opportunities. Then we can consider exploiting those possibilities to work with your Local program.


Ninety-percent of the work is done by me. I do need your help in certain areas though. This is something you do one time. The only time this needs to change is when your product or any contact information changes. There may be future opportunities like more optimal listing "sites." I will let you know when I see something that might benefit you. There is a one-time fee for this service that leaves you in total control of your listings. Call me for a free consultation.

Important to Know

Everything is tailored to your business, your personality and your industry. Together we determine the most effective keywords for your business. All listings remain in your control. Total transparency. You get everything in one package upon completion of the SEO. I am Local! You get "face-time" so I can better work with you to understand your market, your clients, your personality, and your concerns. I am available anytime to answer questions or address your concerns and ideas. I keep you up-to-date on what is happening and where we are at in the process. It normally takes 8-12 weeks for your ranking to improve significantly in a Google search. But I have seen businesses go from page 17 of a search result to page one in as little as two weeks! But sometimes, it takes longer for search engines to compile and compare information considered in a search.  I will monitor the status for four months.

Local SEO

Buzz Words


This is not used often but some refer to all of the below as "ad-sites" or sites where you have the potential to advertise

Citation Sites

Include any sites that may make mention of your business.


Directories are listings of people and businesses. Some information is acquired through data aggregators but often information comes from other sources like purchasing yellow pages advertising.


These are the major collectors of data who then turn around and disseminate this info, selling it to other companies. Through data aggregators is how most directories and some review sites get their information.

Review Sites

Review Sites are web sites that are specifically for sharing reviews - "opinions and experience." Examples include anything from Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor to Angie's List and Wellness.com Many review sites are industry-specific.


Many of all of the above have created "Partner Networks." Partners often share the same information, for example DexKnows shares directly with Local Yahoo and others.