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So what about the types of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is about generating online traffic and interest about you and your business.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of getting traffic (ranking) from "free," "organic," listings on search engines. Ranking is based on what the search engine considers most relevant and least spammy to users.

Social Media Marketing

The process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. It is done by creating content or receiving reviews that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it within their social networks. This is similar to "Word of Mouth" advertising - free endorsements. This is measured in "social signals." Social signals probably affect ranking, although there is still controversy as to what degree.

"Organic" or "On-Page" Optimization - Website Optimization

The process of structuring your site for web "crawler" accessibility. Organic refers to using "white hat," techniques that search engines prefer rather than duplicating keywords and content to make a site more visible.  Most importantly, it is developing pertinent, relevant, engaging content and a well-structured hierarchy for pages. It may include legitimate link building, concise but accurate page titles, keyword- rich page descriptions, "Snippets," and eliminating duplicate content. Success is measured in page ranking and by using analytical tools.

Local Search Optimization

The process of rating high in searches for locality-based, or geographical ("geo-location") keywords and other ranking factors more relevant to location than industry. A typical search looks like "restaurants Kennewick WA," or it may be "restaurants 99301." There are two basic segments of this audience - those who live locally and may be at home, at work, or increasingly most likely, are using a mobile device to search for something nearby.  Then there are those that do not live locally but may be planning a visit to the area or are in-town on their mobile device. This is measured on each individual ad-site or, if you have a web site, by using analytical tools that tell you from where a person came to your page.

Monthly SEO

Maintaining any of the above or all of the above programs. Local and Social Media demand a lot of attention in order to be effective. A good SEO program also manages online reputation, responding when things are less than optimal and advising you of potential customer relations opportunities.

Content Development

Creating content vital to your customers, clients, business associates, industry, and other "stake and share holders," has become a leading factor in being found online. Content typically refers to your website content. But blogs, articles and videos are also ways of sharing your expertise. When you do, people will see them and link to them, "share" them or "like" them. This generates more traffic to you. It is also a factor in ranking with search engines. This is measured in visits, number of shares or "like" counts.