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What SEO is and Why You Need it

The marketing landscape has changed drastically. Traditional marketing mechanisms are either dead or dying. Everyone is "going green." The last yellow pages directory I received was half the size of the previous year's. Back in the good ol' days, search engine optimization meant stuffing a bunch of "key" words into the meta data section of the HTML code for a web site.  It was static. Once done, you only changed it if the content or direction of the company changed. Well, it's a lot more sophisticated now. And getting ranked well with search engines is one of the highest Return on Investments (ROI) you could possibly realize. Three things drive the need for SEO. And because these three things are constantly changing, the need for SEO maintenance is high.


have become complex. They have built-in crawlers looking for data and they judge a web site based on that data, whether it is good or bad. The "data" is a combination of many elements but includes quality content, good titles and page descriptions and linking. And these search engines are always changing the playing field. People do not waste time going to the third or fourth page of search results. That is why "ranking high" is important. Ranking refers to the placement of your website or business in search results. It also refers to placement of your business in "local" search results. Knowing how long they stay on your page and if they go deeper into your site is important too. And it is valuable to know how they got to your site to begin with!.


Many of these searchers rely on reviews for their decisions. No matter what your service or product is, it is important to be listed on the first or second page of a mobile search because these people will rarely go to page three!


Socal Media marketing is another driving factor for SEO. Networks like Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn have hundreds of thousands of users. If one person "Likes" your site or company, that gives you exposure to all their friends. It's free "word-of-mouth" advertising!
      Increasingly, consumers don't search for products and services.   Rather, services come to their attention via social media. Erik Qualman Author of  “Socialnomics”

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“Today, 82% of your potential customers research online with their hand-held device before making a decision within a 20-mile radius by utilizing general search terms.” (Comscore)
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