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My Promise To You

I will: Do my best to get you the highest rankings possible Deliver in a timely manner Keep you apprised along the way. Communication is essential in any partnership. You won’t have to wait to know where you stand Recommend only those products and services that might maximize your ROI Maintain your reputation and keep confidential all information you supply me, except what is to be published Refer you to highly regarded specialists should you require services outside my realm of expertise Always use the most ethical practices in compliance with search engines to limit risk to your rankings

I AM Local. I Come to You!

I prefer using the term "Partner" over consultant because I believe in establishing lasting business relationships based upon trust and confidence in ability. At Tri-Cities SEO, I take the time to meet with you in person, at your business and get to know your service or product, your personality, your goals, and your target audience. It's about bringing YOU more business. It's also about keeping you apprised of the program, our progress, and ideas to improve on what we learn over time. And, if I don't know the answer to your question I will tell you so and either find an answer for you or steer you towards someone who can help. Tri-Cities SEO is results-oriented and believes in timely delivery. We offer competitive pricing and can work with you and your marketing budget to custom design and time a package for you.

How We Work

The “We” is You and I!

You are an authority on something. You are probably passionate about it. And you are courageous enough to start a business around it. Authority + Passion + Courage = Entrepreneurial Spirit. I support you, the small business owner by getting to know your product, your style, and target market.  I get to know your marketing ideals and learn what you are hoping to achieve. Then collaborating with you, we will come up with the ideal way to bring you more attention through internet searches. I can help you improve your "ranking" and maintain it. We can even keep counts if you want to see how much more exposure you are getting. SEO is a marketing tool. If you are not using it you are, losing local "traffic" that may be potential customers. I will perform a complimentary “SEO Audit” so you know where you rank. Contact me to find out how SEO can give you the competitive advantage that will propel your business to success!
When I tell business owners what I do, I frequently hear one or more of three things: "I hired someone to perform SEO and never heard a word from them. I have no idea if they did what I hired them to do!" "I pay them a monthly fee but have no idea what they are doing for that fee." "They never asked me anything about my target market, my service or product. How can they "Optimize" me if they don't know me?" Basically?  They can't.  Many SEO consultants make assumptions about your business based upon what they think they know about your industry. You are the expert in your field. That is why a good working relationship and reliable communication are paramount to your success with an SEO program.